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    Each project is a testament to meticulous attention to detail, where spaces are transformed into immersive environments. Our approach transcends mere decoration; it is an artful orchestration of color, texture, and form, ensuring that every element not only complements the architectural vision but also enhances the daily lives of those who inhabit the space. From residential sanctuaries to institutional hubs, our interior design ethos seamlessly integrates comfort and style, creating atmospheres that resonate with a refined sense of purpose and sophistication.

    25 years of Experience

    In the hands of our experienced architect, interior design becomes a transformative journey, creating environments that seamlessly blend beauty, functionality, and a touch of timeless elegance




      » ITALIA ST. ADU West Covina, CA.

      » VALLE POINT LANE ADU Santa Clarita, CA.

      » INDIANAPOLIS ST. ADU Los Angeles, CA.



      » BALTIC HOUSE Long Beach, CA.

      » GONZALEZ HOUSE Cerritos, CA.



      » CONNIE COURT HOUSE Santa Clarita, CA.

      » WILSHIRE HOUSE Apartments Los Angeles, CA.



      » ROSCOMARE HOUSE, BelAir, CA.

      » APULO HOUSE, Colombia.

      » NOCAIMA HOUSE Colombia.




      » YAMBAL Tenjo Colombia

      » YAMBAL Cali Colombia

      » YAMBAL Barranquilla Colombia

      » SYSTEM Networks Colombia

      »ASESOFTWARE Colombia



      » BALTIC HOUSE Long Beach, CA.

      » GONZALES HOUSE Cerritos, CA.



      » CONNIE COURT HOUSE Santa Clarita, CA.

      » WILSHIRE HOUSE Apartments Los Angeles, CA.


      Cecilia Berberian


      "ARK4DESIGN stands out as the most professional and qualified team I've had the pleasure of collaborating with. From our initial design to the detailed walk-through and assessment of materials, labor, cost, and project timeline, they provided us with comprehensive written details of every item and cost involved. Remarkably, they not only adhered to our budget but even delivered below the original quote, all while staying true to the completion date. ARK4DESIGN offered invaluable advice, guiding us on what was necessary and what was not, demonstrating their commitment to efficiency and practicality. Their workmanship and the caliber of their contractors were truly unmatched, showcasing the highest level of quality and expertise. Throughout the process, they consistently demonstrated honesty and respect for our time, our home, and our budget. I cannot speak highly enough of ARK4DESIGN"

        Carolina Salinas

        Santa Clarita

        "When we embarked on the journey to design and build a modern ADU, our foremost concern was selecting the right builder, given the unique nature of our project. ARK4DESIGN stood out as the clear choice, bringing professionalism, expertise, and an experienced team to the table. Our decision was validated as they exceeded our expectations. Instead of being daunted by challenges, they embraced them, crafting innovative solutions to the unique demands of modern ADU construction. The team at ARK4DESIGN not only addressed the complexities of the project but also enhanced aspects of the design, collaborating seamlessly with the architect to ensure timely and within-budget completion. Their flexibility and imagination breathed life into our vision, resulting in the remarkable dwelling that stands today. Four years on, we remain thoroughly delighted with our ADU, a testament to the enduring quality and craftsmanship of ARK4DESIGN."

          Jimena Salazar

          Los Angeles

          "When our lives were upended by a devastating house fire, selecting the right builder to restore our home became paramount. We needed not only superb craftsmanship but also reassurance for potential future buyers. ARK4DESIGN, with its stellar reputation, became our natural choice, a decision that proved invaluable. From the meticulously organized meetings to the conscientious recording of minutes ensuring accountability, ARK4DESIGN demonstrated unwavering dedication at every step. Their guidance, respect for our decisions, and patience as we researched options were truly commendable. The exceptional quality of work delivered by their subcontractors, under the leadership of our project manager, surpassed all expectations. Despite the scale of the project, the end result—a home we now adore—was delivered in record time. Witnessing such a monumental endeavor transform into a joyful process, filled with laughter and camaraderie, remains a marvel to us."

            Tannya Ludeña


            "As we celebrate our second anniversary in our home, it feels as though it was just yesterday when we embarked on the journey with ARK4DESIGN to plan and build our dream house. Every single day, we revel in the delight of our home, appreciating its quality, design, and livability. We extend our deepest gratitude to your entire team for your unwavering efforts, patience, and outstanding craftsmanship. Andres, in particular, was a pleasure to work with, offering thoughtful and responsive service every step of the way. Sharing our home with family and friends has been a joyous experience, allowing us to showcase the exceptional work done by ARK4DESIGN. Thank you once again for helping us turn our long-held dream into a reality."

              Alex Smith

              Long Beach

              “I recently had the privilege of collaborating with ARK4DESIGN to construct a one-bedroom unit for my mother, and I must say the experience surpassed all expectations. One of the standout features of working with ARK4DESIGN was their commitment to transparency and clarity regarding project costs. The agreed-upon project cost and payment schedule were strictly adhered to without any deviation, providing a sense of relief without hidden fees or unexpected expenses, common concerns in construction projects. Furthermore, the coordination with the city for permits and inspections was exemplary. ARK4DESIGN demonstrated remarkable efficiency in navigating the bureaucratic process, ensuring prompt acquisition of permits and timely inspections. This streamlined approach simplified the overall process, making it hassle-free. I cannot speak highly enough about our project manager, Andres. His professionalism, kindness, and integrity made the entire journey enjoyable. What truly distinguished Andres was his proactive problem-solving approach. Rather than merely presenting issues, he consistently arrived with viable solutions, facilitating easy and efficient decision-making. While the project timeline extended slightly beyond the initially promised timeframe due to a delay in building materials, the crew's efficiency became evident once they broke ground. Despite this minor setback, we successfully welcomed my mother into her new home on Mother's Day, creating a cherished and memorable moment for our family. Moreover, the after-sales service from ARK4DESIGN has been exemplary. Any concerns or issues with the ADU are promptly addressed without hesitation, showcasing their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. ARK4DESIGN's dedication to transparency, efficient project management, and outstanding customer service, particularly through Andres, made the process seamless and resulted in a beautiful and cherished home for my mother. I wholeheartedly recommend ARK4DESIGN to anyone contemplating an ADU construction project.”

                Monica Rueda


                “I had a vision for my 3-bedroom ADU to replace the mini basketball court in my backyard, and Andres along with the ARK4DESIGN team brought that vision to life! Throughout the construction process, we encountered various challenges such as permit delays, stormy weather, and construction setbacks. However, despite the obstacles, I am proud to say, "T'was late but worth the wait!!!" My ADU now stands as a testament to their exceptional workmanship and dedication. I am incredibly impressed by the transparency and positive approach with which ARK4DESIGN handled any issues that arose during the project. Special thanks to Andres, Feli, and the entire construction team for their efforts in making this project a success. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, ARK4DESIGN, for making my vision a reality!”

                  Michael Abalos

                  Los Angeles

                  "I collaborated with Andres for my complete remodel project in LA, which proved to be quite challenging. Throughout the endeavor, Andres demonstrated exceptional skills in guiding me through the complexities. He adeptly assisted me in narrowing down options and offering valuable insights without undermining my personal preferences and aesthetics. His role in mediating any issues that arose with the city was particularly commendable. I valued Andres' approach of prioritizing my needs and preferences before suggesting design solutions. His professionalism remained evident from the initial planning stages to the completion of the project. Overall, it was an exceedingly positive experience, and I wholeheartedly recommend both him and ARK4DESIGN to anyone seeking an architect for their project."

                    Greg Stein


                    "Andres came highly recommended to us by a friend who recognized his expertise across all phases of construction and his flair for interior design, which aligned perfectly with the complexities of our extensive renovation project. Right from the outset, Andres demonstrated a high level of involvement, and we were consistently impressed with each stage of his planning. He possesses a visionary mindset yet remains attuned to the individual needs and budget constraints of his clients, showcasing both sensitivity and flexibility throughout the process. Andres's meticulous attention to detail spans every aspect of design and construction, as he collaborates seamlessly with and guides our general contractor. ARK4DESIGN embodies a team that is deeply passionate about their projects, where collective experience intertwines with youthful energy, poised to make waves in the LA architectural landscape. Our partnership with Andres and Feli, both on a professional and personal level, has been an incredibly fortunate one. We have every confidence that this dynamic team will continue to flourish, and we wholeheartedly endorse ARK4DESIGN without reservation."

                      Susan Johnson


                      "The foremost concern for any owner is that the final outcome may not fully embody the architectural vision outlined in the initial plan. As a client, I valued Andres' adeptness in bridging the gap between architectural concepts and construction, ensuring that the envisioned results were consistently realized. Andres' profound comprehension of intricate construction processes enabled prompt decision-making regarding materials, finishes, and colors, infusing our projects with both efficiency and vitality."


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                      ARK4DESIGN is a premier architectural firm specializing in the innovative design and construction of homes, offices, warehouses, and commercial buildings

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